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Monday, November 3, 2008
Station Style Showcase – Fire Chief, November 2008
AirHAWK Air Purification Systems are designed for firehouse bay areas and living quarters. The AirHAWK 3000 XL exhaust removal system is ceiling-mounted in the bay area to protect firefighters from breathing exhaust emissions and off-gases. Its multi-stage filtration process incorporates a unique Photo-Catalytic Oxidizer that effectively neutralizes more toxic gases than any other system. It also uses germicidal UV light to kill airborne viruses and bacteria. The units operate automatically to continuously filter out contaminants and disperse clean, purified air throughout the facility. For other areas, AirHAWK 1000 ducted units can be mounted above the ceiling in turnout gear rooms, sleeping quarters, offices, etc. Smaller AirHAWK 265 units are portable and provide the same quality of pollution and germicidal protection. Nationwide installation and service. AirHAWK / The MagneGrip Group, www.airhawksystems.com or www.magnegrip.com